Pamela Jo Davis

  • Born: November 27, 1946
  • Died: September 1, 2013
  • Location: Boonville, Missouri

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Tribute & Message From The Family

Pamela Fuser Davis, Artist and Collector, Dies at 66

Pam Davis, known for her eclectic style, talent beyond measure, inner beauty and passion for historic preservation, passed away on Sunday morning, September 1, 2013 as a result of injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

A seventh generation Missourian and lifelong resident of Boonville, Ms. Davis was a determined advocate for projects she believed would bring revitalization to the town she loved .

She was one of the first and most vocal opponents of the Union Pacific Corporation's plan to demolish the iconic MKT railroad bridge, spanning the Missouri River. A battle won after several years.

Ms. Davis renovated several downtown buildings in Boonville to their original state of grandeur and believed in the importance of this to rejuvenate the town center and pride in the town's history. "Beautiful downtown Boonville", a phrase recently spoken, is one which cannot be said without thinking of Pam.

Pamela Jo Davis was born Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 1946 to Joseph Jefferson Davis and Helen Virginia (Fuser) Davis at St. Joseph Hospital in Boonville, MO.

She graduated with a BFA from the University of Kansas at the top of her art class. This experience played a good hand in her lifelong love of the arts and she remained friends with many of her contemporaries who became well-known artists.

A celebration of Pam's life will take place 7:00 pm Friday, September 6th, at Thespian Hall in Boonville.

Pam is survived by her father, Joseph Jefferson Davis; stepmother and friend of Fayette, Marsha Davis; brother, Jeff Davis of Fayette; sister, Diana Dale Davis Shallenburger of Boonville; husband Stanley Thomas of Boonville; two daughters, Yardley Wing of Boonville and Amanda Thomas of Columbia; and one grandson, Jesse Davis Moore of Columbia.

In lieu of flowers the family requests donations be given to Save the Katy Bridge in memory of Pam.

Eulogy by Johanna MacPherson, a dear dear friend:

When a dynamic person dies, a whole industry goes crashing to oblivion. Pamela Jo Davis was an industry. She was a legend. She was an artist. And in her time, she was the sexiest woman alive.
A small person can have a soul and heart as great as a giant, and this small woman had a soul as haunted as a love song, and a heart so loving and great, that no one could see all the breaks and bruises it carried, because the laughter reached out and took our hearts forever.
Pam Davis made Boonville, Missouri the most interesting town on the River. She knew all the byways, the stories, the rusty iron and the fine mahogany that traveled to and from this place. Her creativity was full of imaginative wonders and she had the stamina, strength and guts to put into reality her fantastic ideas. What other artist has a machine shop, and woodshop, a painting studio, and three stories worth of collected antiques and junk, useful in the work of all three? No one else could work like this woman could, up on scaffolds, sanding ceilings, swaying on ladders placing mosaics. Her refurbishing of every interesting and impossible space has spanned decades. Her homes were fascinating places full of gorgeous real things, but captivating in all the more amazing things that hung from the chandeliers she had made, and rested in the frames she collected. Everywhere were surprises and everywhere was artistry, and always there was comfort and welcome. As we all know great cooks, Pam was even better than that. In the middle of a full scale restoration, suddenly the kitchen was full of stuff she had made yesterday, delicious stuff that we raved over. Even tho she lived on snickers and mountain dew, she knew how to make homemade Baileys Cream, and I once watched her soak a bushel of lemons in vodka to make liqueur for Christmas. She could cook circles around everybody, and that was after she had poured the concrete to make her kitchen counters.
Her Story was the pioneer story. Her ancestors came to Cooper County when land was sold in sections, not in acres. Her relatives were characters themselves out of the legend of early and mid-19th century Americans. Pam herself was making their legacy live anew, in the pioneering she did in old Boonville, making homes out of the wilderness of forgotten buildings, downtown brick and lathe, and funny little rock houses nobody else could appreciate. No magazines ever found or photographed these amazing interiors, but they should have. The richness of her interior design combined with the abundance of her extraordinary artifacts was like a museum experience, full of unexpected thrills, all in a magical presentation.
Like a movie star, she was married 6 times, men loved her that much. Little boys in the town would ride their bikes over to see what Pam was up to. That hoarse laugh, that throaty chuckle, that rip of humor was a balm to everyone. Men fell under her spell, and women realized they were seeing something irresistible.
She single-handedly birthed Historic Boonville. Wall by wall, building by building, she showed the community the resources and wealth it has in fine architecture, useful places, and with her own hands and eyes it was done! No one can fail to notice Boonville's 450 houses that merit placement on the National Register, but Pam bought them, coaxed them out of implosion, and made them alive. Her efforts on behalf of the Katy Trail RR bridge are a fine tribute, maybe a public enough one, for all to see this hint of her fantastic and tremendous accomplishments.
She leaves daughters, husband, father and grandson behind, some in direct descent from her genius and some who watched it be born. Her friends, pickers, workers, tenants, suppliers, carpenters, and citizens will feel like the air has gone still, like the breezes have become weak in their message of hope and refreshment. There can be no comfort in the loss of one so important, so giving, and so necessary in showing us what life is supposed to be. Where is the person so wildly aware of all the possibilities? She is gone where we can't see, and oh, the difference to us.

Condolence & Memory Journal

Same sentiments as many others have posted here: watching AP and thought they should revisit with her- Id love to see more of her and then (Bc my TiVo cuts off the last minute) I saw in the beginning of next episode, the end credits from that one, with the memorium- so sad. Was so nice to know a tiny part of this wonderful person through this show- condolences to all of her friends and family....

Posted by A friend   April 17, 2018

I, like so many others, had the blessing of feeling like we were invited into Pamelas world thanks to Mike and Frank via their show American Pickers. I was also saddened the first time I saw in the credits that she had passed. I was watching the rerun today and saw again, as she was being coaxed like so many others who collect, to let go of some things and how hard it is to say goodbye to those things.
My little Sister Terri Lee Rossi passed on Christmas Day 2017, and so this time when I saw Pamela, I did shed some tears and decided to find out why she passed.
Coincidentally, I was in a car accident when I was 18 and had a near death experience so I had to see the tears in the eyes of my family and friends when they came to see me in the hospital. I know that she would not want us to be sad. Im sure if she had the choice like I did, she would have come back for some more quality time with her family and loved ones.
My heart goes out to all Pamelas family and friends, and I can tell you from my own personal experience of dying and coming back, that she went to that place where everything is good and the golden light of God is.

Posted by William Rossi - Santa Rosa, CA   April 16, 2018

I watch American Picker and loved watching Pamela draw me into her warehouse and/or studio. Her smile and throaty laugh maked me feel like I'd known her for years. I felt that she could have been my best friend...what memories we could have gotten ourselves into ! I was saddened when I saw in the show credits that she had passed away. I really shed a few tears for her family. My condolences to them.

Posted by Mary Wyatt - Dallas, TX   April 11, 2018

Watched America pickers and was touched at how a loverly a person Pam came across .I've obviously never met her but felt she was a special person.
I was reduced to tears and the end of the show when it announced that Pam had passed away.

Posted by Paul McElroy - Preston   February 14, 2018


She is in the house of our Lord.. Such a beautiful person....

Posted by A friend   January 11, 2018

Pamela was such a beautiful person, I watch American Pickers very often, but never saw this episode till today. I was deeply saddened to see the credits in show and learn of her passing, such a beautiful soul., That she had .....May she Rest in Peace.

Posted by A friend   January 11, 2018

i was gutted to see the end credits to american pickers to see that pam had died,what a perfect beautiful couple,theres no such thing as a perfect couple but to see how much they were devoted ,and loved each other and fun thats perfect god bless you pam and husband all our love curtis and family,nottingham england.xx

Posted by curtis graham - Nottingham - friend   September 04, 2017

I watched American pickers today 7/6/2017 I fell in love w Pamela. I thought to myself while watching "if I lived there I'd be her best friend. " love her creative style!! I cried when I saw the end of the show. How could this happen to such a wonderful woman. I'm soo sry for your loss. I loved watching you two interact!! " I was thinking I wish my husband and I would get along like them". God bless

Posted by Regina Barrett    July 06, 2017

What a beautiful couple you guys made watching you on American Pickers. So heartbreaking to see the end credits that Pamela Jo had died RIP. I'm sure she left enough sweet dreams for an eternity. Thank you God for the beautiful people and the precious gifts they share with us. God bless you P and your family.

Posted by Pete (UK) Hilz    February 11, 2017

Lamento mucho esta pérdida, es muy triste Saber que nunca podré conocer a una mujer tan linda y gentil, desde México mando mis condolencias .

Posted by Micheel Muñoz    May 26, 2016

God my sons were blown off reading the show being dedicated to her memorie!!
To whom it may consern, Pamala Jo seems to be one of those women that just draws you back for more, just a great personality , I feel greatly your loss, may you knowing that even in her passing, she is still bringing a smile to a face in New Hampshire.

Jim Powers.....Peace

Posted by Jimbo - Allenstown, NH - Viewer of American Pickets   October 25, 2015

I too just watched the episode of Pamela. I'm a Disabled Veteran & sometimes don't sleep but watching this episode as her Spirit shined through I thought of the many memories & different people that make up us as Americans as I was deployed. Watching Pam brought me back to those times. I was saddened seeing the end Memorial, I had to research & found reading what came through on the show about her kindred Spirit.

I hope someone posts the pictures of her accomplishments, preservations & more stories behind the pictures.
Thank You for sharing your thoughts, stories & memories of Pam.

Posted by Rob Martinez - Denver, CO   September 20, 2014

After watching reruns of American Pickers we saw Pamela and her husband selling to The Pickers. She put a smile on my face with her laughter and sweetness. We're sorry for her family and friends loss. You were all blessed to have her in your lives.

Posted by donna l. motto - TOLEDO, OH - American Pickers viewer   June 21, 2014

My husband and I want to extend our condolences to Pamela's family and husband, Stanley. Like others have posted, we have just seen the American Pickers show and were saddened by the news that Pamela had passed away. She seemed like the very coolest of people, and having read her obit, we know she was actually even more amazing. We are so very sorry for your loss.

Posted by Holly Miller - TX   June 21, 2014

My heart

Posted by Sheila Millee    June 21, 2014


My deepest condolences. I watched the episode with Pamela tonight and loved her artistic spirit. I empathized with her not wanting to part with her items -- at first and laughed heartily as she released her items. May God bless you.

Posted by Casey Carpenter - Montclair, NJ - Television show viewer   June 21, 2014


I too had seen Pamela on Pickers & was saddened by the Obit. @ the end of the show. I am a good judge of character, having been a Mo. Teacher for 34 yrs. and could tell by watching her for those few minutes what a first class person she was. May she rest in peace, and reap her rewards in Heaven.

Posted by Larry Kamler - Joplin, MO   March 27, 2014

Watched American Pickers and thought Pam was a delightful person. So enjoyed her soft sweet ways. When I saw the dedication at the end of the show I felt so sad. Her lovely demeanor helped make the show. I am sorry for Stan's loss.

Posted by Teresa Escalante - Roseville, CA - fan of American Pickers   March 27, 2014

I never had the pleasure to meet Pam but watching her on TV I knew she was nothing but a sweet, incredible and wonderful person. I really, really hate that the world is going to do without her and that I never met her. God bless her sweet and wonderful soul.

Posted by Michael Graves - Kernersville, NC - I never had the wonderful pleasu   March 27, 2014

I just watched the episode of American Picker with Pam. She is so much like me that it was scary.

Maybe,it was because I was born on Thanksgiving Day, 1945 or just because I enjoy collecting and sharing the memories.

I'm sure she is missed by all who knew her.

Posted by Jim Creighton - Atlanta, GA - Fan   March 27, 2014


My sincere condolences to you Stan, and the rest of Pamela's friends and family. I too saw your American Pickers show a bit late on the DVR. I felt like I knew you two and that we were friends as I watched the show. It was one of my favorites and I could tell your relationship was very special. I was heart-broken to hear of her passing. She was truly a great American. I hope to pay my respects by visiting your fine town when I move back to Idaho. God Be With You and may her memory keep you warm and comforted.

Posted by John McRae - Columbia, SC - Picker Friend   March 05, 2014

We just finished watching Frank and Mike the pickers. We had DVR'd the episode and so enjoyed the show and was so so sad to see the ending that Pam had passed away. My heart goes out to Stan. I am so sorry, it was so nice to see you two together as you both seemed like you were a true couple. May God bless you Stan and give you peace.

Posted by Connie Hoehn    February 12, 2014

While watching Pamela's episode of American Pickers I couldn't help but notice what a unique and sweet person Pamela was. My mother passed in July of this year and throughout the show Pamela continued to remind me of her and I couldn't stop smiling and laughing. At the end of the show I was shocked to see she had passed. Although I didn't know her personally I can tell the world has lossed a very special person. I'm so sorry to know that she passed. She will be in ny prayers.

Posted by Matthew    January 24, 2014

Although I had never met Pamela she brought humor, beauty and integrity to the show American Pickers.I really enjoyed her visit with Frank and Mike and thought to myself I would have liked to have met her and had her as a friend.What a sad ending to a full life. may she rest in peace .
J Parsons , fan of American Pickers. (and pam)


I was so sadden to see at the end of the American Pickers Show which I watch all of the time that Pam had passed away. I loved watching Mike and Frank picking with Pam and Stan and you could just tell from watching it that they were truly a blessed couple and truly loved each other. My heart and prayers goes out to Stan and to the rest of your family. Arleen Pritchett, Jacksonville, FL

Posted by Arleen Pritchett - Jacksonville, FL - viewer of tv show   January 09, 2014

Her eyes said it all

Posted by Jim cazier    January 09, 2014

Loved her art reminded me of the good old days of creating art in an Oakland ca vacant lot with members and friends of the airplane

Posted by Jim cazier    January 09, 2014

Rest In Peace

Posted by Iniko H. Williams - St. Thomas Virgin Islands   January 09, 2014

I just finished watching the American Pickers episode featuring Ms. Davis & was saddened to see the tribute to her at the end of the show. Her smile showed what a wonderful spirit she was & my thoughts & prayers go out to her family and friends.

Posted by Amy Burns - Glen Burnie, MD   January 09, 2014

We watch Pickers all the time and were captured by Pam and her husband's sweetness and fun-nature with each other. I feel blessed to have been able to see her on the show. She was obviously a very special woman. We were shocked to see that Pam passed away and like many others, I needed to know what happened. Our deepest condolences to you all.

Posted by Stephanie - Mohrsville, PA   January 09, 2014

Just watching the program showed what a wonderful person she was. The relationship between her and her husband was something to cherish. Their love was very obvious. There is no question that "SHE WAS A DEAR SWEET LOVE."k

Posted by George Schulz - Carolina Beach,, NC - Observer of American Pickers   January 09, 2014

Saw you on American Pickers and you had a glow about you that lite up the room. You were very personable with the guys and extremely entertaining. I didn't know Pamela personally but I truly enjoyed her spirit for life. Plus my mother, who passed in 2002, is also named Pamela. May you rest in peace Pamela Jo Davis. The world has definitely lost an angel.

Posted by Austin - Norfolk, VA - none   January 09, 2014

Saw Her on American Pickers & I knew She had a Special Soul. Sorry for your Enormous Lost!

Posted by Julius Reeves Jr    January 09, 2014


I too, like so many of the others that have written a condolence, did not know Pamela Jo Davis, but felt such a connection to her after watching her on American Pickers. When I saw she had passed at the end of the show, I needed to investigate to see what possibly could have happened to such a vibrant spirit. She somehow touched my heart & soul, & I am so sorry to those who were blessed enough to be her family & friends for her loss. I hope she was aware of the impact she had on people. Please know how terribly sorry I am to those who are missing her now. Warmly, Lynne

Posted by Lynne - Holmdel, NJ - kindred spirit   December 27, 2013

Watching this episode of American Pickers was delightful. Pam and Stan were entertaining to watch! I enjoyed watching Pam haggle with Mike and Frank.
My heart sank and my breath taken away when I saw t he picture of Stan and Pam at the end of American Pickers. I had to find out why she passed. Pam was such a delight to watch on the show.
My condolences to her husband Stan, daughters and her entire family.
Stan and Pam remind me of the relationship my husband James and I have shared for thirty plus years.
Pam is forever engraved in your town in Missouri. James father was born in Springfield MO.

Victoria and James Holcomb
San Jose, California

Posted by Victoria Holcomb - San Jose, CA   December 25, 2013

I just saw Pam tonight on "American Pickers". Pam came across as a person you would like to meet and could spend a whole day with listening to her life story. I was honestly thinking of finding out where her shop was located so we could stop by for a visit. Imagine my sadness at the end of the show to see she has passed away. She came across as the type of person that could light up a room just from her presence.
I send my very heart felt condolences out to the family. I know she will be greatly missed.

Posted by Anthony Kevin Sandlin - Clinton, NC   December 25, 2013

I watched the American Pickers show this evening and oddly enough later on I happened across her obit. WHAT a shame this is because I believe everyone seeing her and her husband on the show fell in love with them. They appeared to have a unique relationship. May God rest her soul and comfort her husband.

Posted by Edward Norton - Terre Haute, IN - None-Viewer   December 25, 2013

Like many others here, I only knew Pam from seeing her and Stan on an episode of American Pickers, but that's all it took to fall in love with her. I wish I would have had the chance to meet her in person, but I am grateful that I was able to learn what little I could of her life from that episode and my prayers go to her loved ones.

Posted by Darren C. - FL   December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Pam & Stan.

I too just saw American Pickers, my heart goes out to you all.

Richie Rhodes
Tampa, FL

Posted by Richie Rhodes - Tampa, FL - Fan   December 25, 2013

Pam & her husband touched our hearts on the "American Pickers" program...She was such a sweet lady...We were saddened to learn of her passing...
Jerry & Mona Cook

Posted by Jerry & Mona Cook - Fall City, WA   December 23, 2013

I too just watched pickers and was immediately touched by Pam and Stan's personalities. I couldn't believe what I read at the end so I had to research. I'm so sorry to the family for your loss. What a great woman. You all are in my prayers

Posted by Aaron    December 22, 2013

My boyfriend has been making me watch American Pickers since we started dating , because he is an Art, History and Antique aficionado. My boyfriend kept saying how Pam reminded him of my mother who is also petite and around the same age. We also are bottle cap collectors and art craftsman and were impressed and felt a kinship towards Pam and her beautiful art. When we saw the memorial at the end of the episode out hearts dropped. We wanted to take a moment to express our condolences for the passing of Pam. Even though we never met Pam we felt as though we knew her watching her episode and her vibrant personality. We wish her husband and family peace and hope it offers some comfort during a difficult time.

Posted by April    December 21, 2013

My husband and I watched our taped program of American Pickers tonight and just loved Pam and Stan. We kept commenting about them during the show. They were such a cute couple and made you want to be around them. We never had a reaction to a program like we had tonight. When we saw the end with the memorial and her picture we were shocked. We were both saying to the TV, "No, no, no, no." Then we figured we had seen it wrong so rewound it and our hearts broke. We actually felt like we lost a dear friend. After looking online (something I have never done in a situation like this) and reading her obituary, we had indeed lost a dear, dear person. Our hearts and prayers are with Stan and her family. What an honor it must be to have known her.

Posted by Jill Jolliff    December 21, 2013

I never met Pamela, in fact, until seeing her on the most recent episode of American Pickers, I was unaware that we shared space in this temporal realm. But upon viewing the memoriam at show's end and then learning more of her tragic passing, I was moved to send my sincere condolences to her family, friends, and all the people she touched in what was surely a wonderful life. Even though I never had the pleasure of meeting Pamela, as a fellow artist and free spirit, her loss is no less sad for me, and more so for all of us, as this world has far too few lovely souls like hers. I wish I could conjure better words to express my sentiments... please know that they are heartfelt.

Posted by Jack Kump - Ormond Beach, FL - Fellow free spirit and artist   December 21, 2013

I just finished watching the episode of American Pickers and immediately I felt connected to Pam. I have never felt this feeling just by watching strangers on a TV show. Then when I saw the memoriam at the end if the show, I cried. Stan, I truly felt the love between you and your wife. I feel the same way with my husband. To suffer such a loss has got to be overwhelming. I pray for your comfort and to know that your wife touched my life just from a 25 minute segment of a TV show. I truly believe she was an Angel on Earth with invisible wings.

Posted by Carrie Cooper    December 21, 2013

Just saw Pam & Stan on American Pickers. My boyfriend and I were immediately taken wit Pam's warmth, humor and beauty. What a loss.

Posted by Pat Lee    December 21, 2013

Just saw Pam and Stan on American Pickers. Her spirit was igniting. May god bless Stan and your daughters. You have one feisty angel watching over you all.

Posted by Maureen - NJ   December 21, 2013

I too was taken by Pam after watching her on American Pickers. So sorry Stan and Boonville for your incredible loss. I can only hope that my life makes such a difference as Pam seemed to.

Posted by Sherry Cronin - Westfield, NJ   December 20, 2013

I just finish watching American Pickers and saw Ms. Davis and her husband.

I told my husband that I wanted to meet her. Not many people touch me like she did. Please except my heart full condones on her passing.


Posted by Mary Joseph - Troy, MO - none   December 20, 2013


from a junk collector

Posted by Marisa Bryant English - Fayetteville, NC   December 20, 2013


Posted by Williamstown - WILLIAMSTOWN, NJ - Seen Pam on pickers   December 20, 2013

To the beautiful lady I watched lastnight on American Pickers you are truly a free spirit and you are free from this world and I hope your spirit still flys high god bless you

Posted by Tony Kimball    December 20, 2013

Stan very sorry to hear about your wonderful wife Pam. Watched you both on American Pickers last night and when I saw the memorial at the end, I just had to look it up. I can see she touched a lot of people on the airing of the show. I just felt inspired by you two so much, I had to leave a message. Be string and cherish the memories . My sincere condolences.

Posted by Dave Roush    December 20, 2013


I fell in love with Pamela when watching her and her husband on last nights episode of "American Pickers". She had this amazing glow about her that was so radiant, and shined bright during her segment. Captivated by her amazing picking skills and her abundant humor, I thought to myself "Boy would I love to meet her and get to know such an amazing women." At the end of the episode, I nearly screamed seeing that she had passed. My thoughts and condolences go out to her husband, who just like Pam was very entertaining. Life is so precious, and seeing how quick it can be taken away, makes me treasure every moment on earth. Pam, I hope you get to read this entry and others that have be submitted since your episode of the tv show. You will be missed by many of the ones that love you, and all the viewers who fell in love with you while watching. Rest In Peace.

Posted by Aaron - Salem, MA - viewer of her appearance on TV   December 20, 2013

Watched Pam and her husband's segment on American Pickers and was blown away by her great personality, terrific eye for antiques and her talents as an artist. When I saw the dedication at the end of the episode I was floored. I'm so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to Pam's family and friends. Godspeed.

Posted by Matt Cameron - bolton, CT - none   December 19, 2013

I only "met" Pamela for the first time while watching an episode of American Pickers on TV last evening, but knew instantly that we were kindred spirits. I was drawn to her like a moth to flame and felt as if I'd known her for all my life by the end of her segment on that show. Imagine my shock and saddened heart upon reading of her passing at the end. I am neither easily drawn towards other people nor usually impressed by many, so imagine my own shock and surprise when I found myself tearing up at that point..

My sincere condolences to those she truly knew, loved and left behind. May she live forever in their hearts and minds.

Posted by Robert Afenir - Coupeville, WA - Kindred spirit   December 19, 2013


I saw Pamela on: American Pickers, that was one of my Favorite episodes I'am shocked and sadden of news of her passing what a Amazing, Classy lady has inner beauty wonderful smile.
sorry for ur loss
Her Journey's Just Begun
Don't think of her as gone away Her journey's just begun Life holds so many facets This Earth is only one Just think of her as resting From the sorrow and the tears In a place of warmth and comfort Where there are no days and years Think how she must be wishing That we could know today How nothing but our sadness Can really pass away And think of her as living In the hearts of those she touched For nothing loved is ever lost And she was loved so much
u will be miss
Rest in Peace.

Posted by Daniel White - Bourbonnias, IL   December 19, 2013

My husband and I watched our favorite show last night, American Pickers, and were shocked when we saw the dedication to Pam at the end of the show. In just a few short minutes, she got into our hearts. My husband kept saying "she has a good eye" meaning she found/saved some wonderful antiques. We were so sad to hear of Pam's passing. With deepest sympathy, Bill and Carla, Chardon, Ohio

Posted by Carla and Bill Simmonds - Chardon, OH - Fellow Collector   December 19, 2013

I had just watched the episode of American pickers and saw your beautiful wife, I am a collector as well and I was saddened by the news of her passing. She seemed like a real funny, eclectic and kindred soul! And once again I'm sorry for your loss.

Posted by Danny Spreiregen    December 19, 2013

I too fell in love with Pam on American Pickers! In just a few minutes this vivacious woman won my heart. I was in shock to see that she had died. My heart, my thoughts and my prayers go out to her family. I am so very sorry for the loss of such a wonderful giving woman.

Posted by Aleta Totire - Southington, CT   December 19, 2013

Like so many people who signed the guest book I watched American Pickers and was intrigued by Ms. Davis and very saddened by the ending. God bless you Stanley and if I ever get to Boonville I will be sure to look you up. Hang in there brother!

Posted by Mike Robinette - Huntington, WV - none   December 19, 2013

I never met Pam, except on American Pickers. But, as a native Missourian, artist & collector, I felt a kinship with her. I cried when I saw she'd passed away, and found this spot. My family settled in platte county in the early 1800's, I like to imagine we're related, if not by blood, by purpose. God bless.

Posted by Lori Kay Wiar    December 19, 2013

I was so sorry to hear of the tragic death of Pamela after watching American pickers. May the life that she lived livelong through the people that she touched.

Posted by Rob Wallace    December 19, 2013


No relationship to her or her family but was just touched by the person she was after seeing her on American Pickers. She was a very likable person. And now after reading even more about her and some of her other passions, she's one of those kind of people you wish you had a chance to know and be friends with! My condolences go out to her entire family.

Posted by Diane - Newark, OH   December 19, 2013

I watched American Pickers this morning. At the end I saw the memorial to Pam and was devastated. I didn't know either of you, but I fall instantly in love with her, and thought how lucky you were to have found each other. Your relationship was the kind poets write about.

I am unable to offer anything but condolences and the hope that you are beginning to get past it a bit. Just watching the two of you together was a delight. I pray your memories will help you in this time of healing.

Posted by Robert Kennedy - Berwyn, IL - None   December 19, 2013

So sorry for your loss, My wife and i were watching American pickers last evening and I had said what a wonderful looking couple and i have never said this before in my life. the wife and i were so taken and engrossed in watching her every word and move. she was just something so special,and we new it from the get go!we were blown away by the ending of the show to find that she had past away. im just at a loss for words.although we never met her we feel your pain and sadness.The world will never be the same without her. Stan we are so sorry for your loss you guys are the example of what a couple should be i can only hope that my wife and i have such a life as you too have had. Again we are so sorry for your loss god bless you and know that she is with you everyday. Robert and Sharon Meyer.In Rhode Island.

Posted by Robert Meyer - pawtucket, RI - Fan   December 19, 2013


What a gal you lost! I'm so sorry. I hope you're okay, buddy. I too lost my first wife suddenly; in 1979; she was only 32.

I'm sure it's been tough for you, but seeing the show and reading Pam's obit, I have a suspicion that you have hundreds, maybe thousands, of family and friends rallying around you.

I could tell from the show that you're a solid guy. It took me perhaps a year to come back to something close to a normal life. Stay positive, my friend, and remember all the good times you two had.


Posted by Tom - Humble, TX - American Pickers viewer   December 19, 2013

I watched American Pickers this evening and was really taken by Pamela's spirit and character! I never had the pleasure of meeting her, but coukd tell that she had a vreat inner beauty and love for lufe! I thought to myself when watching the episode, "wow, what an amazing person! I was sad to see the "In Memoriam" at the conclusion of the show. I have never been inspired to look a person up on Google, as I have done this evening. All of my best to the friends and family she leaves behind. I'm sure to will always be with thise she touched throughout her life. I just wanted you all to knkw that she has touched me.
EEdward A. Mattson III
Lake Forest CA.

Posted by edward a mattson III    December 19, 2013


I didn't know Pamela, but seen her on the show pickers tonight. I was shocked when I read on the end of the show that Pamela had passed. I had to look up info on her because there was just something about her energy, and soul that just reached out and touched me. She seemed like she was a creative, sweet, caring woman and its sad that she is no longer in the world, as the world need more people like Pamela. Her family and friends are blessed to have known, and lived with something like her. My thoughts and prayers are with your family during the holiday season and your loss. I have lost all my family at 24, so I know how difficult it can be. But know that she is always with you, and will live on in your stories and her art that she has done.

Posted by jamey - kokomo, IN   December 19, 2013

What a shame such a special. Woman was taken I did not know her just from the show my heart goes out to stan and her family an angel was sent to be with the bird grid bless rip

Posted by ted    December 19, 2013

What can be said that hasn't been already! I'm sure that all of Hearsts feel some of sadness that the Family feels too! Lets not forget Stanley also for his loss of a Friend & Companion! She seemed like a very nice person! Rest in Peace!!

Posted by Robert Collins - Oakboro, NC   December 19, 2013

I saw Pamela tonight on American Pickers and i thoght to myself what a smart, feisty woman Her husband was a joy to watch as he was willing to sell everything for a 1.00, God Bless she seemed to be a beautiful person

Posted by Jim - Buena Park, CA   December 19, 2013

I saw Pamela on 'American Pickers' and thought. 'What a cute feisty woman'. My condolences.

Posted by Mary ann Nelson    December 19, 2013

I, too, was stunned & saddened to see the memorial notice at the end of 'American Pickers' tonight. During the show Pam (& Stan) made a real impression. Pam seemed such a vivid person with a truly rich personality that it was akin to knowing her slightly and enjoying her greatly. My condolences for all those who lost this special person from their lives.

Posted by Jeff Williams    December 19, 2013


Just saw Pam and Stanley on American Pickers tonight and was touched by how sincere and magical there partnership was. Heaven is blessed to have such a great person in their midst. God bless!!!

Posted by Dustin Sponsler - Monroe, OH - Admirer   December 19, 2013


We are saddened to see the message at the end of American Pickers, our condolences for your loss. She was a beautiful woman with an incredible talent and passion for improving the community. She will be missed by many, including those whom never had the opportunity to meet her in person. Truly an inspiration.

Posted by Dennis, Sarah and Brody - West Haven, UT   December 19, 2013

Very sad to hear of Pam's passing. Enjoyed seeing her on American Pickers and could tell she was someone very special. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Posted by mary furnas    December 19, 2013

I too watched Pam on American Pickers tonight. Her infectious smile captured my attention. I was shocked and saddened to hear of her passing. I hope Stan reads these comments and can gain some comfort in knowing she brightened so many peoples living rooms and dens tonight, if only for a short time. I know she will be missed.

Posted by Brian Wade - Irving, TX   December 19, 2013

It is always good to know there are women who have the drive to do all that Mrs Davis had accomplished in her lifetime. Myself, not knowing her personally , felt a need to know more about this lady who saw all this beauty in everything around her. Her ability to revitalize the antiquated has apparently had a great affect on those who were a part of her community. I wish I had known her in her life so I might have acquainted her with my own daughter. Just to show what desire, imagination, and whole heartedness can accomplish. Will those who knew her feel a loss? Most definitely. But I hope they realize how lucky they were to just have known her. God bless her family and friends.

Posted by David Reyna    December 19, 2013

Seen her on American Pickers tonight and see had such a great aura and spirit to her was so sad to see at the end of the episode she had passed my condolances go out to her husband

Posted by Jeff H.    December 19, 2013


I did not know Pam , but only met her thru the TV show American Pickers. I then was shocked at the end to see that Pam has moved on to the afterlife so I just had to see what happened. As after all , During the show the love she shared w/ her husband Stan was so evident and you could see it in her eyes that the shock of her passing was one I couldn't deny. Her smile brightened the room whenever she spoke or consulted her husband Stan. I pray to GOD for HIM to wrap his arms around this family and surround them w/ love and loving memories to make them smile and give them the strength to move forward in life, knowing that Pam is not suffering and that she made a HUGE difference in this world. From what I read from this obituary Pam certainly made a difference in her hometown of Booneville, MO. And she left this place just a bit better off then if she never existed in this little corner of America. My Blessings and sympathy to the entire family.
Marlene A Cooper

Posted by Marlene A Cooper - Middleburg, FL   December 19, 2013

I just watched American Pickers and thought Pamela Jo was an attractive women with a an eye for unique art. Her smile capture me and got my attention. I was very sad to hear of her passing. She has left a lasting impression on me. Great loss. RIP Pamla..

Posted by Joe Sierra    December 19, 2013

What a shock it was to read of Pam's passing after watching one of the best episodes of American Pickers. She & her hubby were a delight!

(((hugs))) from Pennsylvania.

Posted by Bill & Linda - West Chester, PA - none   December 19, 2013

We did not know Pam but by the end of the show tonight we felt like Pam and Stan were people you would like to know. The show brings a lot of genuinely good people into our home and she was definitely one of them, especially after the initial shock wore off. We were saddened by her passing. Sorry for your loss.

Posted by Ken Ford - NJ   December 19, 2013

Saw Pamela and husband, Stanley, on American Pickers. My husband and myself enjoyed the show and was charmed by Pamela. How sad when we saw the "in memory of" at the end of the show! Our most sincere condolence to all her family. The song "Who will fill their shoes" came to mind as I thought of the loss of such an active, electrifying person. May God watch over her loved ones and the community she obviously loved also. Such a loss! I am so sorry!

Posted by Patricia Casey - Vidor, TX   December 19, 2013


I was captivated by your persona on American Pickers and enjoyed your relationship with Stan. You both are blessed and thank you for your contributions to our world.

Posted by Larry Federico - Syosset, NY - TV Admirer   December 19, 2013

My heart and prayers go out to you Stanley... You lost your best friend too soon... It was a pleasure to watch you two smile at each other tonight... Thank you for sharing your story with us...

Posted by Vikki Kryger    December 19, 2013

A real loss of a genuine talented person. She touched us tonight. We watched American Pickers and related to her and enjoyed her laughter and sweet smile Sorry for your loss. Here spirit is in every Piece she ever touched

Posted by Judy & Mark Hart    December 19, 2013

RIP Pamela, Stanley saw you and Pamela on Pickers, This was one of the best ever shows. May God be with you........Norm

Posted by Norman Easterwood - Bailryton, AL   December 19, 2013

I never had the pleasure of meeting Pam but I knew she was special when I watched her tonight on he History Channel. I commented that she & her husband were the best guests they ever had on the show. So moved was I by her story and her talent and the dedication to her hometown. And with her love story with Stanley. I am sending prayers to Stanley and her daughters, grandson and family. I don't know why I feel so sad about someone I didn't know.... I hope that someone publishes her story and shares photos of her talent with the rest of the world.... I'd be first in line to buy that book!! Rest in peace Pamela!!

Posted by Linda Clay    December 19, 2013

I never knew of you Pamela Jo until I watched American Pickers this evening. It warmed my heart to watch you...and my heart broke when the show ended in your memory. God bless

Posted by K. Munsey - Lenoir City, TN   December 19, 2013

I saw her on American pickers, and I thought she was amazing on the show. Such personality and grace. Sorry to find out she had passed. I am a native of kansas, but live in Missouri now. Again, to all her friends and family, sorry for your loss!!

Posted by David manchester    December 19, 2013


I just watched one of the best episodes of "American Pickers" I have ever seen.
My condolences and prayers go out to you and your family. She enlightened the show with her infectious smile, laugh and personality. God Bless you Sir !

Johnny Coultas, Jr.
Houston, Tx.

Posted by john coultas - houston, TX - admirer   December 19, 2013

I just got back from overseas and noticed that Pam had died. I am so sad. What a wonderful person, friend, and loving heart to many and me. I will miss her so much. Michael Thomas, St. Louis, MO

Posted by Michael W. Thomas - St. Louis, MO - Friend   December 11, 2013

Oh Pam,
This is the hardest parting ever. That fight you fought is on a par with Ali, and St. George. Only this time, you were the dragon. Ah, dragon! Dragon means the spirit of life, water, air, earth or fire. Spirit of fire, you. Lighting that little torch in your hand, and holding it up in front of every face you saw, reminding them of what they could be, how beautiful you told them, how great YOU knew they were. So many hearts lit up by you. I see you everywhere now, like a cabaret star in heels and khaki, but flying. Very high up, sitting on the corner of the building watching us drink to you on the terrace, laughing. Oh heart.
Prayer of the Sufi, "..break my heart so that I can feel love, break it again, so that I may love more.."
That you have, darling Pam.

Posted by Johanna MacPherson - Saint James, MO - friend, astrologer   September 10, 2013

In love and light, I will to the best of my ability, work continously on carrying on the legacy that has only to begin......

Posted by Robert Spencer - Gatlinburg, TN - friend /cousin   September 07, 2013

Family and friends,

So sorry for your loss.
Pam was a longtime friend who will be sadly missed by all who knew her.

Terry Early

Posted by Terry Early - Boonville, MO - friend   September 06, 2013


So very sorrow, Pam was sweet and one of a kind. She will be missed by many.

Posted by Christine Hall Schumaker - Boonville, MO - friends   September 05, 2013


Oh how I am very sorry to hear about Pam. She was such a cool lady! She was fun to be around. I remember when I was a little girl she took me and Yardley to a WILLIE NELSON CONCERT and RICK SPRINGFIELD concert that was a huge deal for a little kid! Never a dull moment when you stayed over. She was always so good to me just as I was her own! I got to hear her on the radio the other week. I live in TN now so I heard it over the internet. I loved listening to her talk, it gave me such a good feeling inside. I was like I know that lady and I was proud! It is so hard for me to believe she is gone. I wish I could be there Friday to see you Yardley and Amanda to give you a hug, but you know if you ever need someone to talk to I'm here. It hurts me to think she is gone but someday we will see her beautiful smile again!

Posted by Mary Loesing Spencer - Sevierville, TN - Friends with Yardley   September 05, 2013

I met Pam in Boonville and had the honour to see her amazing talent. I know this woman was one of a kind and she will
be missed by all.

Posted by chris mustion - west plains, MO   September 04, 2013


A woman of substance. A powerful presence. Lover of Life,Beauty,Art,People,Boonville. Pam always left things better than the way she found them, and never stopped appreciating, striving. A bright light is gone from our midst, and her star shines in the heavens.
Stanley, Yardley, Amanda, we share your grief, and pray for the grace and comfort of tears, laughter shared and memories etched in your hearts.

Posted by Coletta and Bob Eichenberger - Boonville, MO - Friend   September 04, 2013


My sincerest condolences for this great loss, Pam will be missed.

Posted by PAULENE WEBER - Boonville, MO - Friend   September 04, 2013


Our sympathy goes out to Pam's family and friends. She will be missed but always remembered, especially her smile!

Posted by Larry & Kathy Huffman - Boonville, MO - classmate and friend   September 03, 2013


We are saddened to hear of your sudden loss.
May the peace that comes from the memories of love shared comfort you now and in the days ahead.

Our Condolences to Jo Jeff Davis and the Daughters of Pam Davis.

Posted by Curtis and Lisa Woods Renfrow - Friend   September 03, 2013

God bless you and keep you, your spirit lives on through your love for the arts and for your friends

Posted by Elizabeth Windsor - Arlington, TX - friends with Yardley all my life   September 03, 2013





We are so sorry for your loss. You are in our prayers.

Posted by Jan and David DeGraffenreid - Boonville, MO - friends   September 02, 2013

We are very sorry about Pam's death.

Posted by Jack and Dorothy Bell    September 02, 2013


Our sincere condolences to Yardley, Amanda and all the family during this most difficult time of loss.

Posted by The staff at Thacher-Wood Funeral Homes - Boonville, MO   September 02, 2013